Landlocked Artisan MFG

A Collaboration Mural Project between David Sheets & Marshall Adams

David Sheets & Marshall Adams are working artist with over 20 yrs combined experience.  They have been friends since grade school and while painting is something they have each accomplished on their own they have been consistently painting together whenever possible.  LandLocked Artisan MFG was created to officially merge the two artist into a mural painting duo.  In the spirit of collaboration Sheets and Adams are able to take on bigger projects, work more effectively, push each others imaginations like never before, help each other grow as artists, and all while creating large scale professional level works of art.  Landlocked Artisan MFG is based in Denver Colorado, however their work can be found on walls worldwide.  The two are constantly looking for excuses to travel to new areas and paint so don't be nervous to reach out no matter where you are.